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1234 – Feist

If you don’t find hapiness in this, there is something clinically wrong with you


So I had an absolutely phenomenal weekend. I went to WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance) and it was simply just THE best. Thursday was a lovely introduction and a great excuse to dance the night away with Jon in the San Fran Disco Tent. We also met Stephen, the guy who encouraged Jon to come and then invite me. He was such a lovely and fun guy to be with. He was working asa volunteer on the Songlines Magazine tent and so we could sneak round backstage of the BBC tent and get some nice free beers all weekend. 

Friday we saw less of Steve but were just absolutely crazily busy with seeing acts. We must have seen around 13-14 that day, including Melt Yourself Down, a band bringing mad indie energy and aggression to a very lovely, polite and zen weekend. So that was just brilliant and hilarious. Managed to do an amazing thing then as well, wear a Jack Daniels shirt and then subsequently drink Jack Daniels. Can you imagine? I mean I thought that wearing the shirts was just to look cool. But to act cool as well? Well fuck me. Friday ended with a fantastic set from the Reggae/Jungle legend that is Congo Natty, bringing me back to my actual age by giving me a dance with people my age. Cannot complain there I’m afraid.

Saturday was by far the busiest day in terms of people there and acts playing, but for us, we were still very tired from the night before and this lead us to be laid bad on the saturday, but still gladly get two or so pints down us on an empty stomach, that was one lovely feeling. Great way to end it as well, seeing a senagalise artist whose name escapes me. He is an utter musical legend, but at the same time is also the minster for culture and tourism in his native Senegal. Jon was ecstatic to see these guys so that was so worth it.

And then Sunday was a weird day, very laid back it being the last day, and for this festival, that was something to behold. But it was also odd because I knew Jon would be leaving half way through the day to get one of the last trains back to London. So we made the most of that day, didn’t stop talking, didn’t stop exchanging stories ad marvelling at was around us. Utterly in love with that feeling. But when he left, I watched this new should act from the UK for an hour or so and then met up with Stephen who was just finishing his final shift of the festival. He finished it with another volunteer called Rosie, and so when they clocked off we hung out for the last 5 hours or so. It was a completely different feeling to being with Jon. Was allowed to get a little more drunk and let go a little bit more, but yet still missed the beautiful stories ad discussions on each artist. Yet with these guys, we just spoke to a load of randoms, hung out round the back of the BBC tent and got to see over the stage (OMFG) and get some more free beers down us plus some vodka and red bull. So that was awesome, had some absolute mad fun times with these guys, and finished the weekend watching a band called Public Serving Broadcasting who team instrumental electro with old 1940s-50s public announcements. And they were on fire. So tight and mad and clever and just random.

So if this weekend has taught me anything, it’s taught me to go with someone who knows how to have a good time, it’s given me so much perspective on those that really know nothing and really should not be bothered with and also allowed me to have an absolutely fantastic youth, to take the opportunities that come my way. That way, the best memories are made for when I’m aged and decrepit. 

Just take me back to yesterday, when we were alive and those of insignificance were put in their place. 

WOMAD Half Way Through

So I’m now half way through my time at WOMAD, the world music festival this weekend.

I must admit that to begin with  I was quite sceptical. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it being a world music thing it might be a little dead or weird or just plain awkward. But it’s been so very fantastic. Everyone is just so welcoming. The food is great. Nothing is stupidly expensive. And the music, oh my the music, it’s just simply brilliant. There’s such a huge mix of everything you could possibly want. Ever possible subculture is here and it just makes it beautiful. I saw Melt Yourself Down yesterday evening and they were in a class of their own. They were full of energy, anger, excitement, youth. God it was fucking awesome.

I’ve still got two more days of this. Just waiting to head back out now. But if anyone ever suggests it, definitely say yes to going to WOMAD. It’s so much more than you expect it to be and it’s not like GLasto or Reading where everyone is off their tits and it’s a very intense festival, this one is very zen. Very laid back. It’s really a festival for everyone.

So far at least.

Back in the land of milk and honey that is the West Country. Off to WOMAD tomorrow night for the weekend so I cannot wait for that. Just good music, food and dance. Gonna be sodding amazing

Music ATM

I do utterly adore my music. I’m so half that I can wake up every day and write as well as I do and play as well as I do. It’s just getting horrendously frustrating right now. We have a bassist and guitarist leaving and so now no one solid to replace then with no where solid to practice. Most people rely on money or family connections to get space like this and as I have a limited if any number of both, I’m up shit creek without a paddle.

I truly am in love with music and it’s what I want to do for as long as I’m alive, it’s just that doing it without connections and some sort of strong backing makes me feel incredibly alone.

But I will continue to enjoy it as much as I can. Truly blessed to have friends who can support me through this.

Excuse me while I cry at how beautiful this is

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I refuse to get over hw beautiful this is

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Blackadder = the king of sass

Remember when indie sounded like this? Nostalgia much

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